Our Way: a search for autenticity

"Trás-os-Montes people are afraid of nothing, but irrelevence" wrote Portuguese poet Miguel Torga. Generous, genuine and independent, a Transmontan local saying states that "beyond the mountains of Marão, command those who are here!". But a search for better living standards and a taste for adventure lead us to spread worldwide.

A Transmontano adventure

Like so many Trás-os-Montes families, so did the Montez's family depart from their small village to the world. In the 70's we returned to the small village of Loivos, Chaves. Every yaer in September with the help of family and neighbors, we harvested and vinified the grapes from our vineyard. Wines were handcrafted to be consumed by family and friends. Today our family continues to be spread throughout the world, from Angola to the United States, Brasil and France, but Trás-os-Montes remains the meeting point. In 2011 we finally realized our dream: create, age and bottle genuine Transmontano wines from our Penada vineyard.

Harvest, when all have a role to play

Loivos village has changed little over time. In September, the men leave the fields and head to the vineyards and mills. They sing, dance and work. Grapes are harvested by hand during the cooler hours of the morning and immediately transported to the winery in small boxes. Until recently the traditional treading of the grapes by foot was not  a romantic way of winemaking, it was the only way.

"Hands on" winemaking in the cellar

To make a wine of "terroir", respecting the peculiar character of local varieties is our goal. Prevailing from the replanting of the vineyard to the cellar, built to produce up to 60,000 bottles per year. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. All winemaking know-how comes from hands on experiment. We are always learning. We enjoy the freedom to try outsite formulas and pre-established winemaking methods.

Penada, surprising local wines

Penada wines are made for adventurous people, for those who dare to be different, unique. They venture outside the known paths, are unpredictable, with unknown flavors that bring you the unique characteristics of each grape variety.